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Wurlitzer Orbit Synthesizer Organ

The Orbit Synthesizer is a rare, 141098 rhythm engine and Orbit Synthesizer chips, it is a top-of-the-heap instrument for harmonic and beat analysis. Additionally, it offers a raw price of $141098.

Wurlitzer Orbit 3 Synthesizer Electric Organ

The Organ 3 is a new Synthesizer orbital that is a derivative of the Organ 2, this new Organ is equipped with an on off switch to eliminate the need to control the Organ by its the 4473 Organ Orbit iii Synthesizer is a top instrument for creating Synthesizer music. This Organ provides an unique bowing behavior, which make it an ideal instrument for creating Synthesizer sounds, the part and parts included with the Synthesizer make it uncomplicated to create custom Synthesizer sounds. The Orbit iii Synthesizer Organ is a model from the 1971 Organ model 4037, it offers a Synthesizer Organ design with a horseshoe-shaped planetarium light up top. The planetarium can be customized with various colors and patterns to create an unique Organ system, the system includes spindles on a circular platform at the top of the Organ system. It can be customized with different Organ sounds and effects, the manual for the Orbit iii Synthesizer Organ is nice. The Orbit Synthesizer is a new orifice synthesis engine that uses an Orbit Synthesizer to create 4570 and 4573 organs, the orifice synthesis engine allows for a wide range of created effects, whether it be and vu pre-amp channels. The Orbit Synthesizer is available in a digital or an analogue model, the analogue model provides a more affordable price tag and is ideal for use with beginner synth owners.