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Novation Synthesizer

The new and latest Synthesizer in the Novation line-up, this time, the Synthesizer is on a higher level with its new and latest features. You can increase you straightforwardly and easily, the Synthesizer is uncomplicated to handle and is exceptional for any live show or music production.

30º Angle Stand for Novation MiniNOVA & UltraNOVA Synths -Color WHITE -US Seller

30º Angle Stand for Novation

By Stand for NOVATION


Novation X Station 61

Novation X Station 61

By Novation


Novation Synthesizer Amazon

This Novation Synthesizer drum machine is a top-of-the-line surrogate to up your drumming game, with its unique circuit groove box, you can create all sorts of unique sounds with your favorite instruments. The four oscillators and two resonators allow you to create rich and complex sounds with your percussion instruments, the unit also includes a built-in compressor and speaker, so you can easily make out the difference be and cavanaugh drums. The Novation Synthesizer is a high-end Synthesizer that is splendid for advanced artists and engineers, with its innovative technology, the Synthesizer can be turned into a powerful tool for creativity and artistry. With the os update 3, 1 on it, the Novation Synthesizer is updated and improved with new features and capabilities. With its advanced sound quality and customizable features, the Novation Synthesizer is an enticing tool for your music production needs, the Novation peak 8-voice polyphonic Synthesizer is a high-quality Synthesizer that capable of storing up to 8 voices. It offers a wide range of sound effects with an ever-changing mix pan, and the Synthesizer also presents a paranoid android skin that gives it an extra layer of 99 the Novation bass station ii keyboard Synthesizer is a state-of-the-art Synthesizer that features advanced sound design and incredible performance possibilities, with its own built-in keyboard, the bass station ii gives you the ability to create unique and with its rich 8 range. The Novation bass station ii also offers standardization for basic user customization, from the controller, you can easily add this Synthesizer to your mix design and tip the hat to its state-of-the-art sound quality gigantic design.