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Mod Synthesizer

The roland tb-303 is an iconic surf music instrument, whether you’re a surfing enthusiast or just searching for a classic instrument to play on the weekend, the tb-303 is a good option. With its dirty south influence and access to the roland's "ot" series of filters, the tb-303 is a flavor of its own, whether you’re digging to just play the instrument or want to experiment with mods, the tb-303 is a sensational option.

NEW BLUE LED mod kit for Roland JU-06 JU06 Boutique (electronic components)

NEW BLUE LED mod kit

By Unbranded


DR-110 MIDI Mod PCB   + Chip

DR-110 MIDI Mod PCB +

By Lynxwave


Mod Synthesizer Walmart

The for manta synth is a modulator with a powerful range of sounds, it can create beautiful polytechnic textures and elements with its partner midi mod. The dr-110 midi Mod pcb is a top chip for synthesizers! It includes an 11-segment led svga display, an and an auxiliary this chip is first-rate for developing your own midi synthesizers! The new blue led Mod kit for the roland ju-06 boutique electronic components, you can find all the latest components and tools for creating beautiful, new blue led lights. With this kit, you can create some amazing lights in just a few straightforward steps! The Mod Synthesizer series is back and improved in all ways than before, this time, the Synthesizer features a new and improved modular architecture, which makes it easier to create custom colors and steps with. With the new and improved stepping sequencer, you can easily create complex patterns with many colors and steps.