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Korg Minilogue Xd Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

The biz Xd Polyphonic analogue Synthesizer module is an exceptional way to add a little bit of flavor to your store, this unit is capable of forming and controlling Polyphonic sound stories with its own arpeggiator, and additionally, it can be enhanced by its own effects such as a chord button and an octave bend button.

Korg Minilogue Xd Synthesizer Module

The biz Xd is a Polyphonic analogue Synthesizer that offers an exclusive experience that of no other Synthesizer on the market, with its powerful sounds and easy-to-use controls, the Xd is an enticing Synthesizer for ambient and progressive rock music. Biz Xd is a Polyphonic Analog desktop module that synthesizes powerful and sounds with 4 voices, it includes an 8-entry soft department, which lets you create rich and ethereal sounds with chorus, flanger, and lush reverbs. The hard department provides you with as many as 24 high-quality steps, making it peerless for creating state-of-the-art sounds, the biz Xd is terrific for any live applications or saxo-like the biz Xd Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer is a must-have for any biz fan's arsenal. It features 8-voice modulation potential, a rich and unit, ready for the most demanding audio and Synthesizer pedals, with its powerful and fast motor, the the biz Xd is a Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer designed for use in audio and video games, music, and other applications. It has37-keys sequencer and a vco that can be easily customized to your own liking, the Polyphonic voice of the biz Xd is strong and clear, providing a natural and sounds-based experience.