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Digital Synthesizer

The kawai k1 r Digital Synthesizer module is a top-of-the-line addition to biz store, this module makes use of your computer to create new sounds with your music. Plus, it can be used to create sounds that are even more innovative, so on the assumption that in the market for a new Digital synthesizer, the kawai k1 r is the one you want.

Korg ER1 Original - As Is
Roland SC-88 SC88 GS SOUND Canvas General MIDI sound modules Japan Used

Digital Synthesizer Software

The biz xd module is a Digital Synthesizer software that offers an alternative to the biz box, it comes with an original box packaging. The a sample & hold function, and a phrase timer, the elektron is a Digital Synthesizer keyboard that allows you to create foley and foley sound effects with only a few clicks. The digitone's interface is a combination of a Digital multitudes and a physical synthesizer, you can control the multitudes with your controllers or use them to create new sounds with only a few clicks. The also provides an in-house audio processing engine that lets you create de-essing and buzzes with your controllers, this is a Synthesizer that i used to create some back in the day. It had a few different options for sound asleep and wake up options, i also used it to create some basic forms and you can see some of the original designs i created using this synth on some of my better-known Synthesizer designs. The roland Synthesizer jd-xi Digital analog is a beneficial way for developing digital-to-analog conversions or transferring audio files from one Digital camera to another, this model imparts an open box design, making it basic to handle and store your creations. The roland Synthesizer jd-xi Digital analog is capable of operating with both 0- data interfaces and the optional midi input/output interface, the jd-xi Digital analog is additionally compatible with the roland big matic plus Synthesizer combo.