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Arturia Synthesizer

The is an experimental hybrid Synthesizer that features a highly innovative approach to construction, this Synthesizer is excellent for artists who covet to explore new sounds and techniques with their music. With its innovative design and powerful sounds, the is a best-in-class Synthesizer for experimental musicians.

Stand for Arturia KEYSTEP 32 Controller - WHITE - Angled & Raised - US Seller

Stand for Arturia KEYSTEP 32

By Stand for Arturia


25º Angle Stand for Arturia MicroFREAK Synthesizer - Color BLACK - US Seller

25º Angle Stand for Arturia

By Stand for Arturia


Arturia MINIBRUTE 2 | MIDI USB Desktop Analog Synthesizer/Step Sequencer - NEW


By Arturia


Arturia Synthesizers

The is a semi-modular analog Synthesizer that features an ability to create wemos- overseen delay and flanger pedals, it can also act as a distortions and delays tool, while the mono ogive makes it uncomplicated to add just one or two guitars or other instruments. The Synthesizer with vocoder mic and 3 case is a terrific tool for creating it comes with a top Synthesizer case, made out of durable materials that will protect your Synthesizer while you’re music creation is continue, the hybrid Synthesizer is a very unique Synthesizer that uses both digital and digital-based technologies to create unique and exciting sounds. This Synthesizer is top-rated for artists who desire to create interesting and unique music with their Synthesizer sounds, with the digital-based technology, the Synthesizer can create a wide range of sounds, while the digital based technology can allow you to create sounds that are more specific to music. The vocoder edition 25-key hybrid Synthesizer is a must-have for any electronic musician scouring to create music with their instrumentation of choice, this Synthesizer offers a vast array of hybrid effects options, from percussive distortion to7- notes and more, that can be used with or without plugins. The micro freak vocoder edition 25-key hybrid Synthesizer also includes an 8- bar, 5- step windows interface that makes set up and customization easy.