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Analog Synthesizer

The Analog Synthesizer from is the latest in the line of products we carry, this Synthesizer is pic expertise at its best, with an easy-to-use interface and an excellent sound quality. With its pic cores it can handle a lot of the processing yourself, making this is a splendid Synthesizer for tailored music creation, with its gigabyte-sized storage and it sounds, the Analog Synthesizer is a product you'll want to buy today.

Behringer TD3BU Analog Bass Line Synthesizer - Great Condition

Analog Synthesizers

The red sound dark star xp2 8 voice Analog Synthesizer is a powerful Analog Synthesizer that can create stunning sound with its 8 voice choir voice array, this Synthesizer is exquisite for learning or for noise singer applications. Analogue Synthesizer with a moog and a semi-modular analogue polyrhythmic system, the player presents voice can be controlled with the 'etition' button on the keyboard) and can be escalated to 16 with the 'oscillation' button. The keyboard imparts 6 parameters which can be manipulated with the right-click button, the Synthesizer can be used with any converter. This biz monologue Synthesizer monophonic Analog 25 key is an unique and unique Synthesizer that is top-rated for any type of music! With its 25 key easily accessible synth engine, you can create any type of audio composition you need to create! Additionally, this Synthesizer also features an effortless to adopt Analog to digital converter, making it basic to get your music videos and songs made! If you're hunting for a Synthesizer that can change the direction of your music genre, cyclops '22 light theremin Analog is the Synthesizer for you! The behringer 12 d 12-voice Analog desktop Synthesizer is a high-end Synthesizer that is sensational for shoppers hunting for an advanced soundscape, this richly textured Synthesizer offers a wide range of sound effects and governors that are top-rated for creating innovative soundscape designs. With its 12 voices and 8 banks, the 12 d is outstanding for both personal and professional use.